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Drilling for rehabilitation and construction of dams

An absolute demand on drilling equipment used in dams is the ability to not cause harm or distress to any structure being penetrated.

Wassaras water-powered DTH hammer has proven to be benign, as well as giving high performance and creating high borehole quality. This is why it has become widely used in both rehabilitations of old dams as well as construction of new dams.

Other advantages include the fact that the method is environmentally friendly in terms of the pollution caused to the surrounding area, and that it enables a safer work environment.

Drilling with Wassara in dams

Drilling in dams

  1. Drilling to repair existing drainage- and service tunnels by injection of grout
  2. Drilling for installation of grout curtains and concrete walls in order to minimize leakage
  3. Drilling grout holes for new dams