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The Wassara technology uses water to power the down-the-hole (DTH) percussion hammer. This makes it the ideal choice for most drilling applications where air-powered DTH hammer, top hammer or core drilling equipment are normally used.

The DTH hammer

Water-illustration The heart in Wassaras water-powered drilling technology is the hammer. It’s a Down-The-Hole hammer (DTH) and is connected directly to the drill bit. Wassara normally uses up to 300 litres per minute of clean water with a pressure of up to 180 bar.

The DTH technology is far better than top hammers as no power is lost through the drill string during operation. This simple fact enables the hammer to operate at any borehole length. It doesn’t matter if the borehole is 10, 100 or 1 000 meters long, the high efficiency remains through the whole distance. When leaving the hammer, the pressure is reduced to ambient pressure as it is an open system.

Incompressible power

As water is incompressible, benefits as higher efficiency, higher pressure and lower losses are achieved. It also enables the use of small borehole dimensions. Wassaras water-powered DTH hammers can be used for borehole sizes from
60 to 254 mm.