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Inauguration of Wassaras new production facilities in Huddinge (Stockholm), October 2012

About us

The Company - LKAB Wassara AB

LKAB Wassara AB was founded 1988 and is 100% owned by LKAB. We are developing and manufacturing unique water-powered drilling systems for high performance in surface- as well as underground drilling operations. The company has 41 employees and has operations in Stockholm and Malmberget. All sales are made through local distributors.

The Owner - LKAB

LKAB is a high-tech international minerals group, world leading producer of processed iron ore products for steelmaking, and a growing supplier of mineral products for other industrial sectors. Main markets include Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. LKAB produced 27 million tons of iron ore products 2012 and employs just over 4,400 people. About 650 are employed abroad in around 15 countries. Link to LKAB:s website

The Technology

The heart of the Wassara drilling system is the world patented water-powered down-the-hole (DTH) hammer. The use of water for transmitting the power to the hammer brings numerous key benefits:

  • Long straight, clean and stable holes
  • High drilling performance
  • Safe and benign drilling
  • Environmentally friendly drilling
  • Cost effective drilling

The Applications

The drilling systems have been used for more than 20 years in various applications within many industries:

  • Mining & mineral exploration
  • Ground engineering, maritime and dams
  • Geo energy & geothermal
  • Oil & gas storage

Our experience covers more than 25 million drilled meters working in different applications and locations around the world.

The Wassara Drilling System

Wassara drilling systems consists of water-powered DTH hammers, drill bits, drill tubes, swivels, check valves and pump units.