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Environmental friendly

Illustration showing with blue arrows how the air is transported in the tunnels in the mine using big fans.
Since Wassara eliminates oil mist, minimizes dust and heat levels, the ventilation requirements are reduced.

Wassara's unique water-powered drilling technology is the most environmentally-friendly drilling method for underground mining.

Lower energy demands

It takes 3-5 times less energy to power a Wassara hammer compared to an air-powered DTH hammer, a comparison based on the pump and compressor used at the drill rig. However, when it comes to air-DTH hammers, the compressor is usually just a booster compressor, i.e. it boosts the pressure from about 7 bar up to about 20 bar to power the hammer. To obtain the initial 7 bar, a much larger compressor is required owing to the high air leakage on the way to the drilling area. This is a major energy cost that can be eliminated by using a Wassara hammer.

Cleaner work environment

All mechanical machines used in mining need some kind of lubrication to be fully operational throughout their lifetime. As well as using the pressurized water to drive the hammer and bringing the cuttings to the surface, with Wassara the water also acts as a lubricant. In other words, the hammer does not need any oil. Furthermore, water suppresses and eliminates dust. As a result there is no oil mist or dust in the air during drilling, leading to a significantly cleaner work environment.

Reduced heat levels

The compressors that normally power air DTH hammers produce a lot of heat. When drilling with Wassara hammers, a high-pressure pump is used instead of a compressor, resulting in substantially lower heat levels.

Lower noise levels

Underground mining, and especially the drilling process, usually results in very high levels of noise. Top hammers in particular are known to be affected by this problem. While DTH drilling is generally quieter as the percussion unit follows the bit through the hole, Wassara's water-powered drilling is even quieter since the water column dampens the noise from the hammer.

Reduced ventilation requirements

The combination of oil mist and dust-free air, as well as lower heat levels, make a significant difference to the ventilation requirements during drilling. This is yet another major factor as to why Wassara is the most environmentally-friendly drilling solution for underground mining.