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Mineral Exploration

Wassara offers a revolutionary complement to your mineral exploration drilling. Now you can drill many times faster in overburden and in waste rock, where you are not interested in the samples.
Our unique water-powered DTH hammer will take you much faster to the interesting zones with the same accuracy as standard core drilling, using your standard core drill equipment.

The Wassara water-powered system offers many benefits in mineral exploration drilling applications and is a great complement to your core drilling. It is much faster and more cost-effective – still with the same quality and accuracy as core drilling. Wassara can be used for both surface and underground exploration, together with your standard core drilling rigs.

Just like core drilling, the Wassara DTH hammer is depending on water. The main difference with Wassara is that you need more water, but during a shorter period of time. This gives approx. the same total water consumption as conventional core drilling.

Front-edge technology with well-proven results

The Wassara technology is at the front-edge of the drilling development. It is proven from more than 25 million metres drilled in mining production and various ground engineering applications.

Overburden drilling and setting casing

Wassara is faster than common methods for casing. The higher penetration rate reduces the drilling time dramatically. This gives a total water consumption that is approx. the same as conventional core drilling. No extra equipment is needed – your existing water pump for core drilling can be used and standard core drilling tubes can be used when setting casing.

Specific details

  • To avoid the risk of wear caused by the vibrations from the percussion hammer, we recommend using weight rods as a part of the drill string.
  • The water-powered DTH hammer itself operates at approx. 70 bar during casing setting. Solid rock drilling requires up to 180 bar at the hammer. This gives a very powerful drilling.
  • The PCD (poly-crystalline diamond composite) bits give you limited wear of the bit diameter, a straight hole and an optimal bit life. Classic TC (tungsten carbides) bits can be used if the formation is favourable.