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The mining business is in great need of new drilling solutions that meet the challenges of mining deeper, bigger and narrower – and at the same time protecting the environment and reducing the costs. Many existing underground mines are reaching extreme depths that current mining methods cannot manage, cost-efficiently. New deposits are deeper with leaner ores.  These factors demand larger scale mining and resource planning based on facts, not assumptions – and new, more efficient and precise drilling. The straight forward drilling of Wassara.

How Wassara works

The Wassara technology uses high pressure water to power the ITH hammer. Water gives a high frequency and high energy per blow. When the water leaves the hammer it has a sufficient velocity to bring the cuttings and debris to the surface and clean the hole. Besides smooth and straight holes with a minimum of deviation, Wassara offers superior benefits like high productivity, borehole quality and minimum impact on the formation you are drilling in.

Underground mining

Common for all mining operations is the significance of accurate drilling. Wassara offers a unique drilling system that takes away the limitations of most existing methods, by superior accuracy and efficiency. Our water-powered technology gives mining companies the ability to choose mining methods optimal for the ore bodies instead of optimal for the drilling methods – a big step towards real optimized mining.

Some mining methods that utilize Wassara:

Mining, overview

(1) Block caving

(2) Sublevel caving

(3) Open pit mining