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The total project cost is often affected by the drilling operation

The energy consumption with Wassara is normally 50–80% less than with air-powered drilling systems. Another cost saving factor is the minimum wear on the equipment, due to the low up-hole velocity of the water.

Calculating total costs for a drilling project all aspects needs to be considered.

  • Cost of fuel and compressor rentals – Water-powered drilling has 3-5 times less power consumption.
  • Project time – When drilling in difficult formations, water-powered drilling has proven to be a versatile method effectively coping with hard, soft and water rich formations. This ensures the projects stays on time.
  • Efficiency – In many applications water-powered drilling is several times faster than conventional methods. The Wassara method has similar accuracy as core drilling, still 2-5 times faster. When drilling longer holes, Wassara maintains speed over total length.
  • By using the unique Wassara Jet grouting technology, several steps in the process can be eliminated.
  • Wear on hammers and drill string is often considerably less due to the low up-hole velocities, hammers can also be repaired with service kits to maximise lifetime of equipment.