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Blast hole drilling with W100 in Malmberget and Kiruna, Sweden

Project Description:

In the beginning of the 1990:ies the Swedish iron-ore mining company LKAB was looking for new drilling technology to improve profit and working conditions in the mine. The application was production drilling of blast holes in the mines at Malmberget and Kiruna. Wassara W100 Drilling System turned out to be the solution. Since Wassara utilizes water instead of air it is possible to use a stabilized hammer casing. This gives much straighter holes which results in great cost savings for LKAB. Water also gives better working conditions in the mine since oil mist and dust is avoided.



On a yearly basis LKAB drills approximately 1 000 000 meter with Wassara W100 Drilling System. Air hammers are no longer used for blast hole drilling.



Wassara W100



Wassara 115 mm



Hammelmann, 278 liter/min at 200 bar


Drilling fluid

Clean water, filtered to 100 micron


Drill pipe

2.3 meter, OD 102 mm



Atlas Copco W469



Iron ore