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Raise drilling with W150 in Kiruna, Sweden

Project Description:

LKAB uses Wassara Drilling System for raise drilling of 20 - 50 meter long shafts/openings in the iron ore mine at Kiruna. First a 254 mm pilot hole is drilled with a stabilized Wassara W150. The pilot is then reamed to 680 mm with a cluster consisting of two Wassara W150 hammers. An advantage with using the Wassara system is that fractured formations are easily drilled.


LKAB drills between 1500 meter and 2000 meter raise with the Wassara system each year. The average rate of penetration when drilling the pilot is 10 meter/hour and when reaming it is between 2 and 4 meters/hour.



Wassara W150



Wassara 204 mm,  pilot with Wassara 254 mm



2  Prattisoli, each pump  gives  360 liter/min vid 150 bar


Drilling fluid

Clean water,


Drill pipe

Wassara 1500 mm, Ø 160 mm



Rebuilt Atlas Simba 269



Iron ore and granite