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Showing an operator infront of a multi-function lathe

The new multi-function lathe secures deliveries of LKAB Wassara's high-precision products

In order to meet the market's demand for water-powered hammers, LKAB Wassara needed to strengthen its machine park in Huddinge, Sweden. Another multi-function lathe, in addition to those that already exist today, has now been purchased.

The new multi-function lathe will increase capacity in production and thus secure deliveries. It also enables us to maintain the high quality required on the parts of Wassara's water powered hammer. The multi-function lathe machine can produce most of our hammer components.

Nya Mulitsvarven_Puma MX2600 - Jan framför maskinen - Veronica B - ok att använda 2_LR beskuren.jpg
Picture: Operator Jan Saukko programming the new multi-function lathe, a Puma MX2600.