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Water handling - New case studies

A driller by his rig, looking relaxed. It is a sunny day and he is wearing sunglases.

We have updated our webpage with two new cases on how customers solved their water handling, when drilling with Wassara’s water powered hammers.

In these two new cases you can read about how two customers solved their water handling – one in the segment Ground Engineering and one in Mining.


The red pump container infront of a house in the Swedish city of Lund

Energy storage in Lund, Sweden

Since there were strict restrictions on the solids content in the water returned to the sewage system (in the order of 40 mg/liter) a solution had to be found.

Read the full version here!

Water recirculation system in mining environment at Konsuln

The mine company LKAB decided to interrupt the drilling operations in one of its mines in Kiruna, Sweden, owing to the increased wear of the pumps and water powered percussion hammers caused by the poor quality water.
The introduction of Wassara’s water handling system resulted in an increase of hammer life time by a factor of four.

Read the full version here!