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Wassara held a presentation at the ‘Brazil-Sweden Innovation week 2019 – Sustainable Mining’ event in Stockholm

Showing two speakers on stage with a huge tv-screen behind them

On the 9th of October Wassara, together with its mother company LKAB, held a presentation on how LKAB will be able to scale up their iron production thanks to Wassara's water powered technique.

The event is organized by the Embassy of Brazil in Sweden in cooperation with the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sweden and partners. It took place in central Stockholm, Sweden.

Based on the Memorandum of Understanding on Sustainable Mining, signed between Brazil and Sweden in November 2016, the event will seek strategic partnerships in various segments of the mining industry, committing the public, private and academic sectors of both countries.

Focusing on new technologies, sustainability, investment and business opportunities, the event will address the challenges faced by this specific sector. Topics like waste treatment and marketing; digitalization and automation of production processes will be discussed.

Wassara have made a huge difference in the mother company's history, with its unique water-powered drilling hammers. It started back in the 1980's when this "new" technology was born. The technique and its benefits was presented by Wassara's Marketing Director, David Petersson.

Below you can read about how we made a difference for the LKAB mines in the south of Sweden.


Case Study - Scaled up iron ore production:

When LKAB scaled up their production in 1990, they needed a drilling technology that could provide 60 meter long blast holes with a deviation of ax 1.5% and to a lower energy cost. Today, all production drilling at LKAB is perated with the water-powered DTH hammer from Wassara.

Read the full version HERE


Case Study - Water treatment in LKAB:

The introduction of Wassara's water handling system complemented by a customized flocculation unit resulted in an increase of hammer life time by a factor of four, as well as the disappearance of all pumprelated issues, ultimately allowing LKAB to re-start its drilling operations.

Read the full version HERE


Case Study - Energy savings:

One of the major energy demanding processes underground is the production drilling of blast holes. The Swedish mining company LKAB has made a major energy cost saving by replacing their air-powered drilling with water-powered drilling in their underground mines. 

The conclusion for the energy part of the drilling process is very clear; Wassara is saving both energy and money. A lot of it.

Read the full version HERE