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The hammer for effective single pass Jet-grouting operations

Bypass Stockholm, Sweden

The Wassara Jet-Grouting hammer W100 JG combines all the positive aspects of water-powered drilling with an integrated jet-grouting monitor. The hammer has an integrated check valve to prevents particles from entering the hammer during the jet-grouting sequence as well as when drilling is stopped.

General information:

The hammer is designed to accommodate high grout flows with nozzle dimensions available from 3 mm to 6 mm. Nozzles are placed right behind the drill bit so as to avoid unnecessarily drilling an extra hammers length past the planned hole depth.

The Wassara W100 JG hammer delivers grout piles in one pass circumventing the difficulties and complications that can arise in fragmented top layer formations.

Where Wassara's W100 JG hammer made a difference:

The latest successful use of the Wassara Jet-grouting hammer was in a section of the Stockholm bypass project. The Stockholm bypass – Förbifart Stockholm – is a new route for the European highway (E4) past the Swedish capital. In conjunction with a tunnel, a sheet pile wall was installed to stabilize the shaft pit. The bedrock in the area lay at varying depths and was overlaid with fragmented overburden, providing lots of friction material. This resulted in a high flow of groundwater leaking in. The Wassara Jet-grouting hammer was chosen for the job to seal off this void by the Keller Grundbau GmbH company carrying out the work.

The Wassara Hammer proved to be key to this successful project. Its versatile features made it possible to drill in fragmented topsoil and one meter into the bedrock before jet-grouting on the way back, all in a single pass.

Key benefits in the Stockholm bypass project, by using Wassara's W100 JG hammer:

• Risk minimization by using a one pass system (avoiding collapsing drill holes, lost hammers etc.).
• Significant time savings
• Less labor intensive than when using traditional drilling methods


For more information about our W100 JG hammer or above project, do not hesitate to contact us.