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Download the brochure about Tunneling as PDF-file:

The water-powered DTH hammer from Wassara is the versatile choice for most drilling applications in tunneling. It can penetrate hard, soft and fractured rock as well as water-rich formations with high back pressures.

Suitable for many tunneling applications

Tunneling presents drilling challenges such as water-rich formations, high back pressures, requirements on the borehole (length, accuracy, etc.) and environmental concerns in sensitive areas. Wassara drilling technology is the solution to these challenges and has been used successfully in many tunneling applications over the years:


How Wassara works

The Wassara technology uses high-pressure water to power the DTH hammer. Water enables a high frequency and high power output. When the water leaves the hammer it has a sufficient velocity to bring the cuttings and debris to the surface and clean the hole. Besides clean and straight holes with a minimum of deviation, Wassara offers superior benefits like high productivity, borehole quality and minimum impact on the formation you are drilling in.