The technology

The Wassara Explorer™ is a durable and versatile tool designed for demanding performance and environments, comes in different diameters, powering options and with a range of accessories. The system is well-suited for different types of holes and setups such as in-rods, RC (reverse circulation), open holes, blast holes etc.

Together with its user-friendly software, The Wassara Navigator™, the system is designed with the needs and demands of the end user in mind. The easy and intuitive design, together with use of unique and patented technology and continuous survey mode, makes the Wassara Explorer™ the most attractive gyro system out there.

Our offer

The Wassara Surveying Team are available for on-site surveying projects all over Scandinavia and Finland, within short notice. A Surveying Technician will travel to your drill site with the Wassara Explorer and all its necessary accessories and perform the surveying of the boreholes of your choosing.


After the completion of the Surveying operations, the Wassara Technician is able the provide the documentation and borehole measurements within 24 hours.

Surveying Services

Since 2021, LKAB Wassaras is proud to offer Surveying Services globally.

Case studies

See our featured Case studies below to learn what real world Surveying-projects our technology as been a part of.

  • LKAB Wassara launches new global borehole surveying service

    Since 2021, LKAB Wassara has been performing surveying services globally, using our own gyro, the Wassara Explorer.

  • LKAB Wassara surveying in the Italian Alps

    With a successful launch of the LKAB Wassara Surveying Services during 2021, the operation has now expanded outside of Scandinavia.