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A new online education platform

In a highly technical and unique field such as DTH Drilling, with an even more unique technology in the form of Wassaras water-powered drilling, Product and Application knowledge is key.

An important goal from the beginning of the project was to build a pedagogical course, that guides the User through all the material in a structured way. The User should after a completed course be left with a solid understanding of LKAB Wassara and our technology.

All course material consists of written information, videos from real drill sites, technical animations and interactive elements.

After a User has completed all the material in the course, a certificate is available online for the User to download.

Our aim is to share useful technical information and unique knowledge regarding water-powered drilling with our End users, Distributors, Partners and with new members of the LKAB Wassara team.

Now we launch Wassara Training Center and you are most welcome to take part in this new platform!

Enjoy and please let us know your feedback for further development!

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Please e-mail: eddie.sjoberg.wassara@lkab.com

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