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Download the Data sheet as PDF-file:

The WASP 80D pump is designed for Wassara water-powered DTH hammers, up to the size of W80. Its rugged design allows it to be placed near the drill rig and is easily handled by a fork lift or a crane.


  • To reduce the footprint to an absolute minimum, the pump unit is built without a settling tank. When idling, the water is instead circulated internally to avoid unnecessary water spill. An external tank can be connected to the onboard booster pump if desired. The booster pump is automatically disengaged if the incoming water pressure is too high (eg. water from hydrant)

  • The pump control has a flushing-mode function that will rev up the diesel engine to maximum, temporary increasing the flow rate for improved hole cleaning.

  • The high pressure pump can be set up with three different Plunger Kits (Ø 36 mm, Ø 40 mm, Ø 50 mm) to optimize the performance and fuel consumption relative to the water hammer being used. Above that, a Pneumatic 3/2 way regulator with water-On/Off function and ability to discharge/by-pass water will enable the pump to supply flow rates below the minimum rpm of the diesel engine. A safety valve mounted at the high pressure pump block prevents overload damages.

  • Simple water drainage by 4-ball valve to prevent freezing damages