LKAB Wassara surveying in the Italian Alps

With a successful launch of the LKAB Wassara Surveying Services during 2021, the operation has now expanded outside of Scandinavia.


Ivrea-Verbano, Italy


Ripamonti & LKAB Wassara

Type of product

Borehole Surveying Services

With a successful launch of the LKAB Wassara Surveying Services during 2021, the operation has now expanded outside of Scandinavia. LKAB Wassaras surveying system, the Wassara Explorer™, has now been demonstrated in an international drilling-project in the Italian Alps. It was used for a 300m deep vertical hole.


An International drilling project is taking place in the Italian Alps. The project, DIVE (Drilling the Ivrea-Verbano Zone E), is performed only 3km from LKAB Wassara’s Italian distributors head office. DIVE aims to gain new insights into the characteristics of the lower continental crust through targeted drilling, sampling, and borehole logging.

After contacting the drilling team of DIVE and offering them the LKAB Wassara surveying system, Wassara Explorer™, they liked the idea of performing a demo of the system.

About Wassara Explorer™

The Wassara Explorer™ is a durable rate gyro instrument for survey of boreholes in magnetically disturbed formations and in all inclinations.

It combines reliable performance, design simplicity and exceptional value for the customer. It provides benefits for the customer in form of: High speed surveying in Continuous Mode, live survey data in Wireline Mode, high positioning accuracy and survey repeatability.

This durable and versatile tool is designed for demanding performance and environments.

It comes in different diameters, powering options and with a range of accessories, well-suited for different types of holes and drilling setups.

The Wassara Explorer™ comes together with its user-friendly software, The Wassara Navigator™, designed with the needs and demands of the end user in mind. The easy and intuitive design, together with use of unique technology makes the Wassara Explorer™ a very attractive gyro system on the market.

Survey procedure

The drilling-program in the DIVE-project had completed drilling down to 300 meters when it was a good opportunity to survey with the Wassara Explorer™.

The surveying probe was lowered into the hole with the help of a winch on the drill rig. A battery version of the Wassara Explorer™ was used. An accessory in the form of a Bluetooth depth tracker was used to get depth data into the portable field computer that generated the survey results.

Surveying Services

Since 2021, LKAB Wassaras is proud to offer Surveying Services globally.

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