High speed surveying in Continuous Mode

The Wassara Explorer™

This durable and versatile tool designed for demanding performance and environments, comes in different diameters, powering options and with a range of accessories.

capability up to 2000 °/s
OD Housings
in 40mm & 25mm
Wireline & Battery

Technical details and product variants

For further technical details and product variants, see our Wassara Explorer™ brochure

Case studies

See our featured Case studies below to learn what real world Surveying-projects our technology has been a part of.

  • LKAB Wassara launches new global borehole surveying service

    Since 2021, LKAB Wassara has been performing surveying services globally, using our own gyro, the Wassara Explorer.

  • LKAB Wassara surveying in the Italian Alps

    With a successful launch of the LKAB Wassara Surveying Services during 2021, the operation has now expanded outside of Scandinavia.