Wassaras water-powered drill hammer has proven to be benign, as well as giving high performance and creating high boreholequality.

Case studies

See our featured Case studies below to learn what real world Dam-projects our technology has been a part of.

  • Water-powered drilling in the very sensitive Wolf Creek Dam

    The rehabilitation of the Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky, USA, started in 2007. Wassaras waterpowered drilling equipment was chosen for …

  • Water-powered drilling Changuinola 1 RCC Dam

    The Wassara technology was used for drilling the foundation drainage and grouting holes and was chosen as it has delivered …

  • Water-powered drilling in confined galleries in Angostura Dam

    When complete, the Angostura Hydroelectric Plant will deliver power to around 300 000 households. The bedrock needed water-proofing, this was …