Casing advancing

Foundation and reinforcement work with Wassara

High drilling performance

Using Wassara-hammers has proven to be a reliable method for casing advancing.

The water lubricates the casing, which enables a smoother drilling operation. When casing advancing in longer holes, using Wassara-hammers is often the only feasible method.

LKAB Wassara offers drill bits and casing shoes developed for the water-powered drilling technique.

Drills through any formation

As Wassara is a water-powered percussion system, it’s able to drill through complex formations, from soft clays and sands to harder rock, boulders and even through old wooden piles!

The Wassara system is unaffected by water in the formation, even at high back pressure.

Safer and more sustainable drilling

Because water is an incompressible medium, the risk of causing damage to the surrounding services or adjacent structures when drilling is minimised.

Air-powered drilling always faces a much higher risk of pressurising the formation, leading to hazard for adjacent structures.

More environmental-friendly

No dust or oil mist is created by the drilling operation, which leads to a safer, cleaner environment for both site personnel and the general public.

When drilling with Wassara-hammers, it is possible to place the water pump well away from the drilling area, enabling a quieter and healthier workplace.

Examples of successful projects – XX 1

  • Jet-grouting columns in difficult geology in Hässleholm, Sweden

    A storage building has been constructed in Hässleholm, Sweden. The ground needed stabilization as the geology presented sand and friction …

  • Energy storage in Lund, Sweden

    A project with strict restrictions regarding the water returned to the sewage system.

  • New ground engineering hammer, tested in Södertälje Canal, Sweden

    Wassara´s new hammer developed specifically for Ground Engineering was tested in a casing advancement application during dredging works for widening …