Maritime drilling

Foundation and reinforcement workunder water with Wassara-hammers

Highly efficient

In maritime projects, like drilling in harbours, the Wassara-technology and hammers offers superior efficiency compared to conventional drilling methods. The capacity is falling quickly when drilling with air-powered DTH hammer.

With a Wassara-hammer, the capacity and speed is maintained during the whole operation, the surrounding water does not affect the drilling.

No oil in the water

Another benefit with the Wassara-hammer is that it uses no oil, which eliminates the risk of any oil polluting the water. This is often a strict requirement when drilling in maritime areas.

Minimised risk of pressurising the formation

The likelihood of pressurising the formation is very low when using a Wassara-hammer. This is always a risk when drilling with air-powered DTH equipment.

Cracks and cavities in the formation will be at risk of expanding drastically with the expanding air.

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