Block cave mining

LKAB Wassara's straight forward drilling solution is the only production drill method that can guarantee accuracy during the preconditioning/propagation process.

Preconditioning/propagation with higher accuracy

When gravity is not sufficient to fracture the rock, it is common to drill vertical holes for preconditioning/propagation purposes. The length of these holes can be as long as the ore body, in some case longer than 250 metres; accuracy is the key.

Using Wassara-hammers is the only production drill method can guarantee accuracy at such lengths.

Accuracy in drilling parallel holes is also a key factor as this will ultimately determine the success of the preconditioning/progagation.

A safer and more productive extraction level

In block cave mining, the main extraction level has to last the entire lifetime of the mine. This puts high demands on the team to achieve substantial rock reinforcement, for example by using steel arches, sprayed concrete, cable bolts, rock bolts, steel mesh, etc.

It is essential that the rock is not damaged at the beginning of the process, i.e. during the blast. Wassara’s water-powered hammers allows for the straightest holes and enables optimal circumstances to achieve a successful pre-split.

By pre-splitting the draw bells, the additional rock reinforcement will further improve the stability instead of forcing the team to fix any issues by blasting.

In other words, using Wassara-hammers can be the difference between having a safe and productive area and having a hazardous area with limited production capabilities.

Examples of successful projects

  • Jet-grouting columns in difficult geology in Hässleholm, Sweden

    A storage building has been constructed in Hässleholm, Sweden. The ground needed stabilization as the geology presented sand and friction …

  • Energy storage in Lund, Sweden

    A project with strict restrictions regarding the water returned to the sewage system.

  • New ground engineering hammer, tested in Södertälje Canal, Sweden

    Wassara´s new hammer developed specifically for Ground Engineering was tested in a casing advancement application during dredging works for widening …