Ground reinforcement

Foundation and reinforcement work for tunnel shafts with Wassara-hammers

Straight and clean grout holes

One ground reinforcement technique is jet grouting whereby a jet grout column is produced in situ in the ground. Holes drilled for jet-grouting need to be straight.

Jet-grouting holes can either be pre-drilled using the water-powered Wassara DTH hammer or it can be done in one single pass with the unique Wassara Jet-Grouting hammer.

Environmentally friendly

A water-powered Wassara DTH hammer runs with pure water and no oil is needed. This means that the ground is not polluted with oil during drilling. Furthermore, water will bind dust which gives a cleaner environment at site.

Low impact on the ground water table

Drilling in water-rich formations means there is a potential risk of adverse effects on the ground water. The ground water level itself is not influenced by the water-powered Wassara DTH hammer since the formation is not pressurized by the hammer.

Examples of successful projects