Geo-energy in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden

In the very heart of Stockholm, a building needed heating and cooling. This project required a method that provided a safe working environment, was environmentally friendly and could drill straight holes.


Stockholm, Sweden


Wessman Drilling Solutions

Type of product

W100 Hammer


In central Stockholm, Sweden, close to the square Stureplan, a building needed heating and cooling. The solution was to install geo-energy. The building is located in the heart of Stockholm and there are constantly a lot of people in motion and old buildings sensitive to vibrations nearby. No dust, no vibration, minimal noise level i.e. no significant disturbance was allowed in this project.

The contractor choice

The chosen contractor for the geo-drilling was Wessman Drilling Solutions. The CEO Per Wessman says that LKAB Wassara and their water-powered DTH hammer was chosen for reasons like safety, quality, environmentally friendly and hole straightness. The drilling result turned out very well.

A successful pilot project for the client

A large praise is to be given to the client, Hufvudstaden, who dared to invest in, for them, an untested technology and to let Wessman Drilling Solutions do the pilot project.

The location of the building is the most central one can imagine and there has been full regular operation in the house throughout the drilling. When it comes to install geo-energy this was Hufvudstaden’s first project.

The good outcome will result in more geo-energy drilling in the future with equally complex conditions.

Download full Casestudy for further technical details

Equipment used

DTH HammerW100 Hammer
Drill bitØ 115 mm
Drill rodsØ 89 mm, length 1,0 m
RigHytte 202 (Casagrande)
Water pumpWASP 120E
Borehole length350 m
Scope of drilling7 200 meters
Geologic formationRock (granite)
Project year2016

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