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Accurate, benign and cost effective drilling

Picture ilustrating five different aplication areas for Ground engineering
1.Drilling in sensiteve areas 2.Casing advancing 3.Geo engergy and Geothermal drilling 4.Single pass jet grouting 5.Martime drilling

The water-powered DTH hammer from Wassara is the versatile choice for most drilling applications in ground engineering. It can handle any formation; hard rock, boulders, concrete, lime stone, granite, wood, till, dense clay and formations containing water.

Suitable for most ground engineering applications

When drilling in the ground, there are several aspects that affect the work: Type of formation (till, dense clay, water-rich formations, boulders, etc.), requirements on the borehole (length, accuracy, etc.) and environmental concerns (drilling in sensitive areas, noise restrictions). Wassaras drilling technique meets basically all the challenges that might arise due to these different aspects.

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1. Drilling in sensitive areas
2. Casing advancing
3. Geo energy / geothermal drilling
4. Jet grouting
5. Maritime drilling
6. Dams