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Enabling single pass jet grouting

Drills through any formation

Wassara Jet grouting hammer enables single pass jet grouting in difficult formations. This eliminates the need for more than one drill rig and jet grouting equipment. As the hammer and jet monitor are powered by separate pumps, they can be controlled independently of each other.

No changing of equipment

Where stones, boulders and other obstacles have made jet grouting complicated, Wassaras patented Jet grouting hammer makes the procedure easier. As the drill string is complete with all necessary tools, no changing of equipment is required during the whole operation.


By pre-cutting with water or air through the nozzles during the drilling phase, it’s possible to produce larger diameter columns than with conventional single fluid jet grouting systems.


Example of successful projects:

An open worksite with high buildings in the background. On the work site you can see a white drillrig ready to drill with Wassaras water powered hammer

Jet grouting when building a new subway station in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

A new subway line is being built in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The line includes the Gávea station where the formation consists of sand and stone layers combined with layers of large boulders and finally granite/quartz rock. Use of Wassara´s Jet Grouting hammer made it possible to significantly increase the grout column production rate which was stalling due to a time-consuming drilling operation.

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People dressed in helmets and yellow wests looking at a big concrete column, that have been dug out of the ground to see the result from the grouting done earlier

Ground stabilization in difficult geology by Jet-grouting columns

A storage building has been constructed in Hässleholm, Sweden. The ground needed stabilization as the geology presented sand and friction soil in different layers above the bedrock. Wassaras jet grouting hammer made the operation possible as it combines a water-powered W100 DTH hammer with a grouting monitor.

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