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Jet grouting work at storage building - Bergendahl Foods

Download the Case Study as PDF-file:

A storage building has been constructed in Hässleholm, Sweden. The ground needed stabilization as the geology presented sand and friction soil in different layers above the bedrock. Wassaras jet grouting hammer made the operation possible as it combines a water-powered W100 DTH hammer with a grouting monitor.

Building on difficult geological conditions

Bergendahl Foods in Skåne, Sweden, is expanding their storage capacity by constructing a new 32 meter high automated storage building in Hässleholm. The storage will have a total area of 4 000 m2 and host up to 18 000 pallets. Decision was made that the concrete floor shall be 1 m thick so it can withstand a load of 10 800 metric tons. The ground conditions required stabilization as the formation above the bedrock consisted of sand and friction soils coming in different layers.


The ground stabilization

A total of 288 columns were needed to stabilize the ground. Since the worksite is surrounded by buildings, vibrations and settlements must be kept at an absolute minimum in order to avoid damage and disturbance. A decision was made to form jet grouted columns, the only soil stabilization technique that would work equally well in plastic clays as in granular materials, although compressive strengths and load capacity are typically higher in granular materials.

Since the formation included boulders, the drilling sequence must be performed with percussive drilling technique. Pre-drilling with air-powered DTH was not an option as it would require separate rigs for the grouting and drilling processes, and risk ground settlements. The consultant WSP and the contractor PEAB concluded that the water-powered drilling was the most appropriate technology for this project.


Jet grouting with Wassara

Where stones, boulders and other obstacles have made jet grouting complicated, Wassaras patented jet grouting hammer makes it easier. The water-powered DTH hammer makes its way through any stone or boulder present in the formation. Water, dense clay or wooden logs in the formation doesn’t affect the drilling. Since the drill string is complete with all necessary tools, no changing of equipment is required during the whole operation. The hammer and jet grouting monitor are powered by separate pumps and can be controlled independent of each other.

The whole jet grouting operation is completed in two steps:

  • Drilling down
  • The following jet grouting takes place on the way up

Testing the technology

A test was performed to see if the grout columns´ diameter would be sufficient for the piling. After performing a test with the Wassara Jet Grouting hammer, a Ø 120 cm column was excavated and examined. Core samples were taken to verify the composition and strength. The project was designed for columns with diameter Ø 80 cm, why the grout pressure was lowered from 400 bar to 200 bar. The grout nozzles were also changed, from two Ø 4 mm nozzles to one Ø 5 mm nozzle.


Conclusion of the work

288 columns where created in situ with an average size of 5.5 meter in length and Ø 80 cm in diameter. The average production capacity was 15-20 grout columns per day. The sequence of drilling down to bedrock took 7-8 minutes with an average rate of penetration of 1 meter per minute while the grouting sequence took 14-15 minutes.


Statement from contractor:

The realization of this project would have been close to impossible without the water-powered jet grouting hammer from Wassara. The time savings are at least 50%, compared to conventional technologies, if they had managed the task at all.
Fredrik Toresson (Drilling Manager) and Dag Karlsson (Site Manager)


The jet grouting hammer has four nozzle sockets for multiple configurations and backup

The jet grouting hammer after completing one column. Some grout is still seeping from the monitor.

Part of the drill pattern for the jet grouting project. Column center distance: 3 m

Equipment used

DTH hammer Wassara W100 JG Jet-grouting hammer
Drill bit Ø 153 mm
Pump WASP 150 Diesel 
Jet grout pump Tecniwell TW352
Drilling fluid Clean water from public source
Rig MDT 450 
Drill rods Duplex drill tube, 114 mm 
Bore hole length 5.5 meters in average 
Scope of drilling 1 600 meters 
Drilling formation Sand, friction soil and rock