W200 (8") Hammer

The Wassara technology uses water to power the DTH hammer. This makes it the ideal choice for drilling in sensitive areas as well as for drilling long straight holes. The water-powered hammer is capable of penetrating almost any formation while maintaining speed and accuracy.

Hole size

Ø 216 / 254 mm

Water consumption

280 – 744 l/min

Max operating pressure

150 bar

Case studies

See our featured Case studies below to learn what real world projects our technology has been a part of.

  • Jet-grouting columns in difficult geology in Hässleholm, Sweden

    A storage building has been constructed in Hässleholm, Sweden. The ground needed stabilization as the geology presented sand and friction …

  • Energy storage in Lund, Sweden

    A project with strict restrictions regarding the water returned to the sewage system.

  • New ground engineering hammer, tested in Södertälje Canal, Sweden

    Wassara´s new hammer developed specifically for Ground Engineering was tested in a casing advancement application during dredging works for widening …