W120.G3 (5") Hammer

W120.G3 is the new and improved 5" hammer. It is more powerful and is designed to provide a higher ROP compared to the standard W120 due to a heavier piston, especially in softer formations. Together with the integrated check valve this becomes a very good hammer.

Hole size

Ø 130 mm

Water consumption

240 – 500 l/min

Max operating pressure

180 bar

Case studies

See our featured Case studies below to learn what real world projects our technology has been a part of.

  • Jet-grouting columns in difficult geology in Hässleholm, Sweden

    A storage building has been constructed in Hässleholm, Sweden. The ground needed stabilization as the geology presented sand and friction …

  • Energy storage in Lund, Sweden

    A project with strict restrictions regarding the water returned to the sewage system.

  • New ground engineering hammer, tested in Södertälje Canal, Sweden

    Wassara´s new hammer developed specifically for Ground Engineering was tested in a casing advancement application during dredging works for widening …