The Wassara way of installing dam instrumentation casing


The WICS water-powered technology from Wassara is the fastest and most cost-effective method to drill casing for monitoring instruments in dams.

8 times

faster installation

disturbance to dam structure

water consumption

Technical details and product variants

For further technical details and product variants, see our WICS™- brochure

Case studies

See our Dam-related Casestudies below.

  • Water-powered drilling in the very sensitive Wolf Creek Dam

    The rehabilitation of the Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky, USA, started in 2007. Wassaras waterpowered drilling equipment was chosen for …

  • Water-powered drilling Changuinola 1 RCC Dam

    The Wassara technology was used for drilling the foundation drainage and grouting holes and was chosen as it has delivered …

  • Water-powered drilling in confined galleries in Angostura Dam

    When complete, the Angostura Hydroelectric Plant will deliver power to around 300 000 households. The bedrock needed water-proofing, this was …