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The key benefits with Wassara

Download the brochure about Mining as PDF-file:

This is where Wassara clearly shows its benefits:

  • Scale – the drilling accuracy means less development and more tonnes per round.
  • Drill metres – you get more tonnes per drilled metre.
  • The drilling depth can be extended, without need to take any extra actions.
  • Fragmentation – controlled due to drilling accuracy.
  • Energy consumption – Up to 80% less due to system efficiency. The energy consumption is about 1/5 compared to air compressor, and 1/3 compared to top hammer.
  • Lifetime of equipment – extensive due to minimum component wear.


LKAB Kiruna and Malmberget iron ore mines in Sweden



Scaling up production by drilling longer and straighter blast holes in two sub level caving mines.


By extending the borehole lengths from 28 to 56 meters, the total production efficiency has increased by 500%. Wassara technology was fully implemented in 1995 and LKAB drills around 1.5 million meters per year with Wassara.

LKAB  was able to scale up from 12 to 28 metres between levels and drifts:

  • Drifting reduced by 70%
  • Volume per drilled metre increased by 500%
  • Reduced costs in all steps from planning to operation

Read more about other benefits:

1. Enviromental friendly
2. Borehole quality and accuracy
3. Drilling performance
4. Project economics
5. Drilling in sensitive areas