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Drilling in sensitive areas

The principles of water-powered drilling

Safer and more benign drilling

Wassara’s technology uses high pressure water to power the DTH hammer. High-pressure water delivers high-frequency rate and high energy per blow. When the water leaves the hammer it has sufficient velocity to force cuttings and debris to the surface, while cleaning the hole. Besides smooth and straight holes, with a minimum of deviation, Wassara offers extensive benefits like high productivity, borehole quality and minimum impact on the formation being drilled.

The low up-hole velocity of the water (0.5–1.0 m/s) minimizes the disturbance to the surrounding formation. The water also flushes the cuttings to the surface safely, in contrast to air ITH that blasts cuttings and gravel both in the bore-hole and into the air at 40–80 m/s.