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Project economics

The cost for the drilling affects other parts of the project as well. For example, the project time may be reduced with Wassara when comparing with core drilling equipment.

Cost Efficient

Total project costs

When calculating the total cost for a project, the whole picture needs to be complete.

  • Cost of fuel and compressor rentals – Water-powered drilling has 3-5 times less power consumption.
  • Project time – When drilling in difficult formations, water-powered drilling has proven to be a versatile method effectively coping with hard, soft and water rich formations. This ensures the projects stays on time.
  • Efficiency – In many applications water-powered drilling is several times faster than conventional methods. The Wassara method has similar accuracy as core drilling, still 2-5 times faster. When drilling longer holes, Wassara maintains speed over total length.
  • By using the unique Wassara Jet grouting technology, several steps in the process can be eliminated.
  • Wear on hammers and drill string is often considerably less due to the low up-hole velocities, hammers can also be repaired with service kits to maximize lifetime of equipment.