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Wassara Explorer™

Download the Information sheet as PDF-file:

The Wassara Explorer™ is a durable rate gyro instrument for survey of boreholes in magnetically disturbed formations in all inclinations. It combines reliable performance, design simplicity and exceptional value for the customer.

The Wassara Explorer™ is a durable and versatile tool designed for demanding performance and environments, comes in different diameters, powering options and with a range of accessories. Well suited for different types of holes and setups such as in-rod, RC (reverse circulation), open holes, blast holes etc.

Together with its user-friendly software, The Wassara Navigator™, designed with the needs and demands of the end user in mind. The easy and intuitive design, together with use of unique and patented technology make the Wassara Explorer™ the most attractive gyro system out there.

The system was first developed by LKAB Wassara for use in the LKAB iron ore mines of northern Sweden. Now it will be made available for wider use in the world in various applications like mineral exploration, geothermal, geotechnical and mining.

LKAB Wassara’s special position in the mining world as developer, manufacturer and user of the sustainable and environmentally friendly water powered DTH (Down The Hole) hammers coupled with its in-house knowledge and expertise of drilling systems and surveying technology has been instrumental in the design and development of this surveying tool.

The Wassara Explorer™ performance has been independently verified and its modular design makes it a versatile as well as a very capable instrument.


Key benefits with Wassara Explorer:

  • High speed surveying in Continuous Mode
  • Live survey data in Wireline Mode
  • High positioning accuracy and survey repeatability
  • Component and data redundancy
  • High-rate capability of up to 2000 °/s
  • Wireline or battery configurations
  • 40mm / 25mm OD housings


For further technical information - download the PDF file above. 

The Wassara Exploration TM - down in the LKAB mine_Micke Duvmo.jpg
The Wassara Explorer™ about to be pumped down for an OUT-run survey of an exploration hole in the Kiruna mine.

The Wassara Exploration TM - two in one picture.PNG
The Wassara Explorer™ (battery version) in a blast-hole fan survey configuration at Kiruna mine.

The Wassara Exploration TM - being used in the field.jpg
The Wassara Explorer™ being used to survey a near-vertical hole in a winch and wireline configuration.

Designed and manufactured in Sweden with a 5-years warranty.