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Drilling for ground water control and wall stabilization with Wassara

Drills water rich formations

During construction of a tunnel shaft or ramp it is necessary with cut-off walls for ground water control and wall stabilization. Cut-off walls often involves drilling in water rich formations which is easily done with the water-powered Wassara DTH hammer.


Low impact on surrounding structures

Tunnel shafts and ramps are often constructed in urban areas which means a risk of damage and settlement of surrounding structures due to drilling. This risk is greatly reduced with the water-powered Wassara DTH hammer since it does not pressurize the formation in the way that pneumatic DTH drilling does.


Single pass jet grouting

One way to create cut-off walls is by making jet grouting columns. The unique Wassara Jet Grouting hammer will perform the job in one single pass which significantly increases the production rate. Performance will remain high even when there are boulders in the ground.


Example of successful project:

An open worksite with high buildings in the background. On the work site you can see a white drillrig ready to drill with Wassaras water powered hammer

Jet grouting when building a new subway station in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

A new subway line is being built in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The line includes the Gávea station where the formation consists of sand and stone layers combined with layers of large boulders and finally granite/quartz rock. Use of Wassara´s Jet Grouting hammer made it possible to significantly increase the grout column production rate which was stalling due to a time-consuming drilling operation.

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